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In this day and age in which technology has become the ticking force of living, it’s not that easy to pick out the most important technology news out there, but we’ll give it a go. Here are some of the biggest technology news from April that caught our attention.

game-of-thrones-logoThis first news is one of the biggest ones out there, given the fact that The Game of Thrones TV series continues to be one of the most popular TV series ever made. Home Box Office, the company that owns the right to Game of Thrones TV Series is not happy with the fact that first 4 episodes of the latest season leaked out on the internet, and has issued a notice to Periscope a broadcasting company to take down all of the leaked episodes. However, the Periscope app, owned by Twitted, maintains that everything was done in accordance with the US laws.

Another big news states that the European Union has accused Google Shopping of search abuse. On the other hand, Google Company stated that the allegations are not true, and that it is waiting for the day to come for them to make their case.

huawei-ascend-p8Huawei is becoming a major player in the field of mobile phone production, and it looks like they’re about to become even bigger after this news hit the market. This company has stated that their new phone, the P8, will be receiving a professional camera. The company head decided to create something that will make their phones stand out in a sea of ever-more similar looking phones, and it looks like they might have done it with this new innovation.

Interesting news come from the United States of America, where a former lottery boss hacked the main computer of the American Lottery. This particular computer was in charge of picking out the winning numbers, and after hacking it, the former boss was filmed by security cameras while he was buying a lottery ticket with the winning numbers on it. The suspect denies that he had anything to do with the hacking, and now it is up to the court to prove his guilt.

SHARP ELECTRONICS CORPORATION AQUOS(R) ULTRA HD LED TVThe news reported that Sharp, a Japanese company, has managed to create a 4K smartphone screen, a screen that provides 4 times greater resolution than the HD, whose resolution is only 1080 pixels. This screen has the option of portraying images in 4K resolution, which is something new on the market. It is said that this model is by far better than the Samsung’s Galaxy S6, and has a higher resolution, and produces better images and clearer text.

Also from the world of mobile phones comes this news: Finnish giant Nokia has offered to buy Alcatel-Lucent, a French mobile phone company for 15.6 billion euros! However, Nokia will not be the sole owner of the company, since Alcatel-Lucent shareholders will still be in possession of 33.5% of the shares in the company. It is believed that this deal will go through in the first half of 2016, and that it will make both companies stronger.